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I am a new patient and the dentist office isn't my favorite place to visit, but the doctors and staff at Coldwater Family Dentistry have made me feel confident that I can improve my smile without the anxiety I normally feel.

- Kim

Going to the dentist tops my personal list of "least favorite things to do", but the entire office makes me feel comfortable and at ease. I was in an auto accident at a young age that caused me to require a bridge across the front of my mouth. Recently the bridge needed replaced. Dr. Grife went above and beyond the call of duty. It was an emergency situation and I was embarrassed and horrified, but he was SUPER with me. I never had to go even an hour without something in the void that was my bridge, and knowing I was not happy with the original one, he worked with me to get the new one just right. I appreciated that more than anything!

Everyone at B, G & K worked exceptionally well with our children from the time they were toddlers too. They were very accomodating to their hectic schedules as they grew, and always willing to "work them in" when they were home from college. Our teenage son broke his jaw on a weekend once, and Dr. Grife received no less than three frantic phone calls from us and the emergency room during his daughter's first birthday party. Again, we appreciated the time and kindness he gave our family.

- Denise

Doctor Grife is one of the best dentist that I have been to in a long time. He is kind, considerate, gentle and caring. I had a toothache with swelling and he even called my house to see if I was okay later. Thats a great dentist!!!!!

- Jodi

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